I guess I need no introduction…
If so, you should visit my instagram page 👅

But let me tell you more about my vision.
I’m a Tattoo & Fitness Model, Athlete, and Influencer.
Through everyday work on my body, I wanna inspire & motivate people to do more.
I’m a person with a creative soul, who crave for finding all kind of “stops & stares” in the World.
I love to think different, be different & look different.
That’s why I came up with LMTD.STORE idea.

I value any artwork that comes close to my inner vibes.
I love people who create any type of content,
whether its music, paintings, sculptures, photos, graphic designs, clothing or any other.
If you’re one of those dope a$$ young artist,
who is looking to expand the brand &
gain the new audience, full of creative people,
click the COLLAB button below.

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